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This page gives information on approved deliverables, interal public reports and videostatements of project partners. 


D2.1 Literatur Review, G. van de Kaa, V.C.M Sobota, R. Ott, C.van Beers, D. Soetanto, M. Spring, M. Martinsou, T. Luomaranta, A. Bierwirth, 2019
This deliverable presents the result of four extensive literature reviews on factors for innovation success in terms of market, strategic and social impact for additive manufacturing.

D3.2 Drafts on Web of Innovation Value Chains, M.Spring, D. Soetanto, M. Martinsuo, T. Luomaranta. G.van de Kaa, V.C.M Sobota, C. van Beers, M.Hörlesberger, A.Bierwirth, B.Kriszt, 2019
Presents an initial conceptualization of webs of innovation value chains in AM, building on actor-stakeholder mapping, theoretical concepts of innovation value chains, and relates this to selected factors from prior work.


Test Strategy for Material Qualification of AM Produced Ceramics for Implants and Dental Applications 

T. Lube, S. Endt, Department of Materials Sciences, Montanuniversitaet Leoben
M. Schwentenwein, J. Rabitsch, Lithoz GmbH
Oct. 2021  
Public report, published on the webpage of the IAMRRI project 
Keyworks: Testing of AM ceramic implant according to already existing standards, lessons learned, developing new testing procedures for research 


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Interview Johannes Homa (Lithoz) and Elena Sischarenco (Univ. Lancaster)

Johannes Homa is CEO of Lithoz and industrial lead partner in the IAMRRI project. He gave an interview to Elena Sischarenco on how Corona has changed the activities in additive manufacturing. The need for societal solutions came into the focus of innovation, together with the limits of such solutions due to some ethical considerations.

He addresses the role of norms and standards, highlights the cooperation with European public authorities such as governments and embassies.

This video was produced in the context of the H2020 IAMRRI project. Grant Agreement No. 788361. The IAMRRI project is about the new webs of innovation value chains in additive manufacturing and openings for "Responsible Research and Innovation" RRI EC approach.