IAMRRI’s vision is to revolutionize the ways innovation is achieved by attaining a deep and fundamental model based knowledge about dynamic webs of innovation value chains and openings for responsible research and innovation (RRI).
IAMRRI aims to:

  • create prospective openings for RRI in the complex webs of innovation value chains in additive manufacturing (AM) by cooperation and responsibility.
  • indicate how institutions in the EU can create openings for RRI in the web of innovation value chains for AM.
  • allow the European AM community to undergo a continuous development process to become RRI minded.
  • support Europe’s AM community, which is characterised by innovative, socially balanced, environmentally friendly and novel production technologies and products, in order to become a global leader in this particular industry sector.
  • lead to a significant increase in added-value and smart, sustainable and inclusive growth for the European Union as a whole, by orientation to societal oriented innovation.