Objectives and Impact

  • Creation of a knowledge base about processes and practices in the complex webs of innovation chains in AM.
    The knowledge base will be tailored to the requirements of different stakeholders (government, industry, academia and civil participants – ‘quadruple helix’) and user groups (communities of practice, CoP) including all entities involved in AM.
  • Development of a dynamic model of webs of innovation value chains in AM based on open innovation considerations and stage-gate approaches.
    A dynamic model will be developed in order to simulate and visualize the behaviour of these complex webs under different conditions and to enable a general understanding of potential RRI openings. Additive manufacturing (AM) in the automotive and medical industry will serve as pilot cases to refine and validate the model.
  • Facilitation and dissemination of strategic guidelines for implementation of RRI principles for institutional change.
    Lessons learned will provide the basis for strategic guidelines and best practices for implementing RRI principles in the individual value chain positions. The strategic guidelines will advise policy makers and funding organisations on how to stimulate and govern the growth of dynamic webs of innovation value chains by implementing RRI principles.