Data privacy

The projection of the personal data of visitors of that webpage is very important issue for the I AM RRI project consortium. We are working on the basis of European Regulation E2016/679.

Cookies or other web google services

This webpage does not use any cookies or other google web analyzing tools collection personal data.

Collection personal data

In general, the webpage does not collect any data of the visitors of the webpage. In case a registration for an I AM RRI event is done by the webpage, the individual agreement for processing and saving of personal data is asked.

Server Housing

The webpage is operated by servers of the Montanuniversity Leoben, Austria.

Further information on data management and data protection

The data management plan of the I AM RRI research project and templates on consent will be published on the webpage by the end of October 2018 and can then be found in the download area.

Contact Data Management of the Montanuniverst├Ąt



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Data Management protocol on personal data

Template on consent for interviews/survey (version 1, 2018)

Template on consent for future conference/workshops (version 1, 2018)

Template on consent for workshops