Scope of conference

Scope of the IAMRRI Future Talk is to give a comprehensive overview of the results and outcomes of the IAMRRI project. Each topic investigated in the project will be presented by various speakers in 6 sessions. A future talk is part of each session and will open up the discussion on the future of the RRI opening in new evolving innovation system such as webs of innovation value chains. 


The key talks will focus on the outcomes of the project. Sessions are devoted to

  • the conceptional model of the AM innovation system highlighting the most important factors and indicators for innovation success and RRI
  • the learnings from uses cases in medical and automotive applications of AM
  • the "Agent Base Modelling" of the complex system for understanding how RRI and the environment influences the AM innovation system 
  • the lessons learned from RRI and derived guidelines for decision makers for implementing RRI in research and innovation
  • results and scenarios on the future of European AM innovations from a foresight process giving future perspectives


Targeted audience of the IAMRRI Future Talk

The IAMRRI Future Talk addresses experts and scientists in the investigated topics like RRI, innovation research, additive manufacturing and foresight but aims as well to give information to stakeholders such as public authorities, politicians, funding agencies and in general decision makers on innovation cooperation, students and the public.